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Please read all the rules. . .

If anyone wants to be a maker please tell me!

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i requested something about 2 months ago and it hasnt been done yet. i added the post to my favorite list on AOL so i could check back up on it and now its been deleted. i dont know who to go for this so i just posted it here.
i still have yours, i'll make it
thank you very much =]
I would love to be a maker in this community again!
YAY!!! thank you!!!!!
I just joined... my actual journal is at dj but I'm willing to be a maker, if that's okay.
YAY!!! thanks soo much!
I have a question, would someone be able to add names to this? Its not really a blinkie so im not sure, and wanted to ask before i requested. :) thanks!
Depending on the maker who wants to do it then yes. I know i can but i don't know about my other makers. So request it if you want... i've had other request it but you got to be discriptive with how you want the words and so forth
Arg this is pretty late but are you still accepting members? I'd be happy to do some stuff for ya :)
yes please everyone's been busy so there hasn't seen time!! So even if you make a small dent that would help
Also I meant maker before. Also would I just comment with my finished thing or whatever?
Also I got 3-4 requests done if you want me to post them for you if you want..?
Of course you can be a maker here i don't mind if thats what you ment, You can post them in an entry, just tell them to credit.