Holly (ladybughml) wrote in theblinkieshop,

Pick Ups

--> pyrates_booty

*PICKED UP* --> rikako

*PICKED UP* --> xo_cami_xo

After making these two blinkies i noticed the dates where really old. So I'm not going to make the rest. If you want your blinkie made please comment in this post and i'll make it for you. No use in making something someone has forgotten about. Also i know i'm not listed as a maker in this community but I use to make for this community. If the maintainer does not approve of this post please just delete it.
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saved mine, thanks hun ♥
I requested awhile ago. Here it is: http://www.livejournal.com/community/theblinkieshop/126419.html

Thanks sweetie!!<3
Please pick up!
Thanks so much!!! It is adorable
yea i don't mind if you make more i've just been real busy and had no makers. I haven't been able to make any recently. suck i'm sorry for everyone.
i requested something about 2 months ago and it hasnt been done yet. i added the post to my favorite list on AOL so i could check back up on it and now its been deleted. i dont know who to go for this so i just posted it here.
I would post this question on the above open post. That is the community owner and maintainer ... she would know better then me.